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Sugar Free • Zero Calorie • Gluten Free • Vegan + Keto Friendly

The Perfect Pick-Me-Up. Whenever & Wherever You Need It.




Some days we all need that little extra boost. We designed Energy Picks to help finish the day out strong, WITHOUT the harsh come down from coffee. Use them at home, at work, or on the go for a sugar-free pick-me-up.

Our Energy Picks are infused to the core with long-lasting flavor and our customers will tell you they're "the ideal alternative to coffee & sugary energy drinks." - Heather D. Phoenix, AZ

Xero Picks have just enough caffeine to keep you alert, but not enough for the jittery come down.

If you start to feel your lips and tongue tingle, that's normal… It's safe and effective.

Our signature tingle comes from Jambú- also known as the "toothache plant" - which has been used for centuries to alleviate mouth pain and is known for its strong saliva-inducing effects.

It's safe and effective, the tingly feeling is temporary and will fade with use.

Xero Picks® Energy infused toothpicks



"Unbelievable flavor and the toothpicks are a little larger than regular size ones…"

Melissa A.

Springfield, IL

"Quality picks. The tingle is numbing and took getting used to. Definitely a great product."

James C.

Sarasota, FL.

"Very good quality pick. Thicker than most. Cherry is a good flavor, lasts quite a while. Yes, it does tingle a little."

Chris S.

Nashville, TN.

Xero Picks® Energy infused toothpicks


TO OPEN TUBE: Simply squeeze both sides of the tube to pop the top. These tubes are child-resistant by design.

Each toothpick is infused with 15mg caffeine, 65mg B12, and 3mg B6.

All products lab tested and carry an analytical/chemical certificate of analysis.

Our signature ingredient. Hydrates your mouth and speeds absorption of key ingredients.

Sugar Free • Zero Calories • Gluten Free + Vegan/Keto Friendly

Made with the best ingredients.

Jambú (spilanthes)

Our signature ingredient. Hydrates your mouth and speeds absorption of key ingredients.

Natural Flavors

Great taste starts here! Each infused toothpick is packed with high-quality flavor.

Powerful Energy

The perfect way to start your day. Each pick is infused with 15 mg of caffeine, B6 & B12.

Xero Picks® Energy infused toothpicks


Infused to the core for long lasting flavor and effects.

Xero Picks® are made with a patented infusion process that allows flavor and ingredients to penetrate the splinter-free birch wood for long-lasting effects. Our toothpicks last for an average of 20-30 minutes of usage.