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About Us

Xero Picks®, along with its Patented Technology & trade secret know-how produces a range of novel high margin consumer oral care products. We formulate, manufacture, market and sell branded oral care product lines which are a novel re-invention of the humble toothpick, utilizing a proprietary process and fabricated from sustainably harvested American white birchwood.

Xero Picks®, through its processes, can precisely load up to 80+ milligrams of any function specific ingredients into each individual toothpick. The function specific active ingredients and custom flavoring are gradually released and efficiently absorbed via the oral mucosa over a 25-minute average period of use.

Our toothpicks are manufactured under applicable FDA regulations as a Food Article and are subsequently infused with both clinically proven active ingredients and custom flavor profiles guaranteed to last longer than the pick itself!

Xero Picks® are available in medical grade polypropylene tubes, mylar bags and individually wrapped in paper. All of our packaging options have a 2+ year shelf life and can be packaged in a variety of bulk options.

Our product lines are the most effective buccal delivery platform for function specific active ingredients. We have created the following distinct function-specific oral care product lines to date:

Dry Mouth                     Quit (nicotine free)

Energy                            Wellness

Freshen                          Tea Tree

Candies                          Sourz


Xero Picks® will continually innovate and expand its portfolio of branded function-specific formulations using proprietary combinations of vitamins, supplements, botanicals, extracts and/or active ingredients.

We have spent much time perfecting an enjoyable, discreet infused toothpick made with only the best quality ingredients. Our best practices-driven infusion process and comprehensive testing program guarantees delivery of the same quality and accurate levels of ingredients every time.


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PO Box 14886
Scottsdale, AZ 85267