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Our Story


Todd Rosenbaum with over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, Rachel Carriell with a strong knack for product development and salesmanship, Che Patterson with a keen creative eye for brand development, together have grown Xero Picks and their sister companies across the globe.

With a modestly small team and after MANY trials, errors and pivots, the toothpick has journeyed from a simple flavored toothpick into a highly refined - patented - delivery device.

Relentlessly, they have grown their companies reach into over 17 countries with over 100+ different product varieties. Their new rewards program Xero Picks Rewards, ties together their toothpick customers among their various brands with the same mission - to empower individuals on their journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle with a humble, yet powerful tool from Mother Nature.

Why Xero?

Xero is short for the term Xerostomia, which is the chronic condition of dry mouth. The first product inside the Xero Picks line was a Dry Mouth relief toothpick that was specifically formulated to hydrate dry mouth and freshen breath. That same formulation is the base line for all of Xero Picks subsequent products that followed. All of Xero Picks products are designed to alleviate dry mouth and rejuvenate breath, while some of them, like Wellness, Quit and Energy will also deliver vitamins and/or supplements during use. They are quite literally little picks with big benefits.

Patented Technology

Xero Picks, through its patented process, can precisely load 80+ milligrams of any function specific ingredients into each individual toothpick. The function specific active ingredients and custom flavorings are gradually released and efficiently absorbed via the oral mucosa over a 25-minute average period of use - making Xero Picks the most effective buccal delivery platform on the market.

Our toothpicks are manufactured under applicable FDA regulations as a Food Article and are subsequently infused with both clinically proven active ingredients and custom flavor profiles guaranteed to last longer than the pick itself!

Our mission & values

At xero picks our mission is to empower individuals on their journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle.






Xero Picks utilizes patented technology and trade secret know-how to craft an innovative range of infused toothpicks.

Why and how we do it

We are here because we are passionate about supporting individuals on their path to self-improvement and healthier habits.