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Xero Picks Candies - Candy Cane

Xero Picks Candies premium birchwood toothpicks are infused with delicious flavors guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth. If you’re looking to cut back on sweets and snacking, these picks make a great candy replacement!

Sale price$13.29

Natural and Artificial Flavors, Sucralose, Xylitol and Jambu

Xero Picks Candies - Candy Cane
Xero Picks Candies - Candy Cane Sale price$13.29

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
brigid b.
Can’t Get Enough

The cotton candy-infused toothpicks are so good I want to eat them!! I’ll settle for chewing. ;)

Tito Q.
Craving reduction

The flavor selection is great. I am a fan of the candies. The toothpicks have been soaked in flavor.
I purchased 3 weeks into quitting vaping because I started having some serious cravings and they have helped tremendously with my oral fixation. The buzz from the spilanthes can be compared to a buzz you get from Nic juice getting in your mouth. Zyn users would probably like them as well

Michael Z.
Delicious way to quit smoking!

Seriously awesome, these have helped me quit smoking, and they are delicious!

Ross S.

I am a toothpick fanatic and have tried different kinds of flavored toothpicks throughout the years. I don’t write reviews much but these deserve one! They taste so good and the quality of the toothpick itself is good. The toothpicks won’t break in half or splinter when you bite them. Also the flavor last longer with no comparison to other brands. None that I’ve tried at least